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Sunday's from noon to 12:45


You do not need reiki to join in. !

Many of have spent years working with SETTING INTENTIONS for ourselves and holding space around that. Rewording these intentions when they seemed to come to us, but not quite in the way we intended.

In these energy circles, we hold space for INTENTION in different ways. Sometimes focus is on specific intentions, sometimes simply opening to NONintention, sometimes focusing on clarity for HOW to accomplish our intentions, and other times we focus on what connecting to what steps need to be taken to guide us towards the highest intentions for ourselves at this time.

The BIGGER energy of Living Light that I’ve been channeling since this summer, has taught me several things that I think need to be reflected into our intentions for what we think we want to MANIFEST in our lives.

I think INTENTION CIRCLES are a great idea in that when many of us come together to do energy work, healing work, and simply holding space for one another, it creates a LARGER ENERGY than if we work alone. And this creates a space where things happen.

So in my current energy work we are letting go of CONTROL & LIMITATION, this limits our spiritual growth & our healing.

How is reiki controlling? There are set hand positions, you lie on the table and don’t move until you are asked to roll over, the use of symbols limits the frequencies used. And setting INTENTION for the session. How do we know what is in our best intention? Should we not open to the universal flow in a new way and experience the larger plan, the bigger picture?

So in letting go of intention, and constrictions of reiki (and channeling a whole new energy) we have been finding a much larger flow of energy and much more healing, connection to guides, connection to intuition..................... you get the picture.

In bringing this into an INTENTION CIRCLE GROUP what I’d like to do is hold space into the bigger picture without each of us setting limitations by INTENDING what we think is the best thing for us at this time.

We sit in my reiki studio and we will use a guided meditation to open to expansion and make connections to the bigger picture. Then we will hold space for each person one at a time in a space of NON INTENTION to open us to guidance to fill this NON SPACE to then allow this space to fill with the seeds of energy & thoughts that are in our highest good. Lets see where this leads us.


non-attachment, is a state

in which a person overcomes

his or her attachment

to desire for things, people or concepts of the world

and thus attains a heightened perspective.

Deepak Chopra




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