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Crystalline Sound Journeys on the full moon (and sometimes the new moon too)

Cost: $20

Upcoming dates:

Sunday MARCH 4. 4-5:30. FULL MOON. Journey into past lives.

March-June I'm offering Journey into the Rites of the Munay Ki on Sundays

Sunday June 30. full moon = back to Crystalline Sound Journey for this full moon



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On or near the full moon each month I am offering crystalline sound journeys for women. Embracing the feminine energies of the moon and the feminine energies of the sound bowls. Sitting or lying on a mat relax into the sounds of the crystals bowls, my crystal grids & guided meditations (which are different each month)

This class is open to women only, as well as those who have not taken reiki with me. For women who would like to experience some energy work, high vibrational energy, grounding, chakra balancing & journey with a guided meditation.

Guided Meditations:

For each Sound Journey I will record a new meditation relating to the energies that that moon. The meditation will be around 20 minutes long, and I record it so that while it is playing I can channel reiki into the room. I play the sound bowls before & after this meditation, allowing you to the continue the journey of the meditation while bathed in sound.

Be sure to bring a drink bottle to receive some energized water. Water holds the energy of the sound bowls.

To register & get directions:
cost: $20



I am a reiki teacher (also teach herbalist courses), so I work from home, I have a large reiki
studio where I will be holding the Sound Journey. Basically that will involve no effort on your
part!, just sit & relax.

I give a little bit of an
intro to what I am doing, but then allow each person to sit in a meditative state & have their
own experience. To begin I call in the directions as I do for the Rites of the Munay Ki (which is a form of energy
work similar to reiki). I will sage the room. I play the sound bowls and also will play one of my guided meditations (different one each time I offer a sound journey). I channel reiki into the room during the meditations, this
does not attune you to reiki, it allows you to be in a space filled with reiki energy for healing.
Afterward everyone can have some energized water that has been imprinted with the sound. so bring a drink bottle.
And I offer some grounding
and a bit of reiki to each person who wants that. Everyone has an opportunity to sit & ask questions if they want.


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