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Rites of the Munay Ki Sound & Shamanic Journey Course


apprenticeships are ongoing,

email me to see what course you can join

cost is $30 per class

classes are for women only

email me to see which apprenticeship has space in it, or when a new one is starting


Rites of the Munay Ki. A journey of meditation, shamanic journeying & alignment with the rites of the Munay Ki.

This 10 week course is part of the REIKI APPRENTICESHIP. But can also be taken by anyone, even those without their reiki.

After this portion of the reiki apprenticeship, we will move into the 12 week course Streaming the Living Light of Seichim, you need level 1 reiki, preferably level 2 reiki for this.

This course incorporates sound bowls,
meditation & journeying
into the rites of the Munay Ki,
to connect & align with these rites & understand them.

you learn to work energetically on



What is Munay Ki?

These rites come from south america from Shamans.

The rites are a nine-step process for awakening and expanding your consciousness. They assist you in healing the wounds of the past and the wounds of your ancestors – the karmic and genetic inheritance you are born with. They significantly raise your vibrational level.

These rites of initiation activate and energize your self-healing powers, and connect you to LINEAGES OF ancestors & of shamans (both living & passed into spirit)  that dwell in invisible realms. These energetic transmissions  allow you to make an energetic leap forward.
Munay Ki is not reiki, it is energy work of a more shamanic nature.

What will this course do for me?

The rites will open up your ability to release what no longer serves you, connect you to guides, shamans & power animals & a SPIRIT CIRCLE. It will allow you a deep spiritual connection to yourself, & self healing. It will increase your ability to journey on a shamanic level, and raise your vibrational levels.

Will this course attune me to channel reiki?

This does NOT open your hands to reiki. I will schedule reiki classes along the way for anyone who wants their reiki as well. If you already have your reiki it will enhance your reiki experience as well as your munay ki experience.


What will happen during each class?

We will  not do traditional sessions for this. You will lie on your mat & learn by listening & doing & meditating. Bring a journal as well. This is inner work, working in the energy of the group as it increases with each class, but really its your own journey.

What are the each of the rites?

Class 1: healer’s rite: opening & healing 3 main energy centers,
Class 2: bands of power: energetic protection
Class 3: harmony rite: healing the chakras
Class 4: seer’s rite, opening intuition
Class 5: daykeeper’s rite: feminine energy
Class 6: wisdomkeeper’s rite: masculine energy
Class 7: earthkeeper’s rite: archangel connection
Class 8: starkeeper’s rite: update your dna
Class 9: creator’s rite: connect directly to spirit
Class 10: super awesome meditation to reconnect with all the rites, walking around a medicine wheel to reconnect with each rite as well as chakra healing.



. In taking this course, each rite builds upon the last one, please commit to taking at least 8 of the 10 classes if you sign up. Spiritual work also requires commitment. (thanks)




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