The levels of reiki form the core of learning your reiki skills.

Weekly classes of the apprenticeship are for those who want to learn about energy work on a deeper level, channel more reiki, and go more into the spiritual aspects of energy channeling. Weekly work attunes you over & over to different vibrations of energies. You get comfortable giving sessions. You receive a session each week, so you personal healing takes a leap forward.

Level 2 & 3 are booked as my students are ready.

Each level takes you deeper into your own healing, and increases the amount of reiki you channel.


Learning reiki is all about personal growth,

releasing what no longer serves you,

healing yourself & others on a physical, emotional & spiritual level.




Move deeper in the energy of Living Light by learning to Share the Light with others, and in doing so healing yourself on a much deeper level.

Level 2 moves deeper into emotional healing & instruction on how to work on others if you choose to do that. Its useful to have this knowledge even if you think you will never work on others. We do share sessions in the apprenticeship class. (also, I had no intention of working on others when I began learning reiki, so you never know)

Continuing the work of healing yourself, you will step into the space of accepting self empowerment and heart spaced frequency.Emotional healing, letting go of repetitive behaviors & dramas you continually find yourself in, bringing higher frequency energy down into your light body, healing relationships with others. Take notes & learn by doing.

Even if you never plan to work on others, learning to work on others in class is also a powerful way to heal yourself. You will work with the reiki energies much more deeply and feel them moving through you much more strongly.





Learn to channel reiki by distance to anywhere on the earth.

By distance to heal your past.

By distance to heal your past lives.

Learn to merge past present & future

connecting strands of light to your


to your past lives

to past events in this life

to bring light, healing & connection

The newly updated distance symbol allows flow in your life, allows you to send healing others no matter where they are, to send healing to world events, and to begin healing past lives. We carry over trauma from past lives, and will keep reliving this in different ways over & over again until we address & heal it.

The Soul wants to heal the core wounds we have and will orchestrate life experiences that will help us realize our wound and awaken to the resolution.

This level also allows you to heal trauma passed along in your ancestral lineage.






Traditional Usui reiki is 3 levels: level 1 where no symbols are given is often 8 hours which I found contained a lot of "filler" and too much information I did not need at that time, level 2 where 3 symbols are given & an often harsh clearing phase, then level 3 is master level where master & other symbols are given & the student learns to attune others to reiki. My experience with teaching this traditional format (from the classes I attended & the classes I taught) was that students did not learn enough, but were given a lot of information they didn't need, they struggled with the healing process & found it difficult, and often only attended 3 classes total to become a master!

I have restructured my classes to make them more manageable for self healing, slowly building knowledge, and moving along with a much deeper knowledge & capability of healing energies. I have made level 1 shorter, there is no "filler", it is all relevant information & hands on healing so you can begin your healing process. So if this makes sense: some of my levels are taught in a shorter amount of time but you will actually learn more & move into your energy work abilities much faster.

I split level 2 reiki into 2 classes: so I'm calling this level 2 & level 3. This gives you a chance to move through emotional healing processes & past life healing in mangeable amounts & gives you a great foundation for working on others. with traditional level 2 you end up "clearing" so many of your old issues at once it is often unmanageable. It makes no sense to me to do deep emotional clearing of this life and past lives all at once. Splitting this into 2 levels, giving some time to process the release of these energies that no longer serve you allows you to heal much more deeply since you are not trying to process it all at once.

I prefer my students who want to get master level, join in one of my apprenticeship courses to get a deep understanding of the scope of energy work, do lots of work on others in class, meditations, developing intuitive abilities, and move far beyond what regular levels of reiki would offer. Master level gives spiritual healing, healing of the soul. The attunements are often quite blissful & powerful and allow you to really step into alignment with the universal energies.





Level 1 is about self healing, learning to ground yourself & feel more protected energetically

I will hold space for the deeper work of clearing & healing so that your lightbody has SPACE in it to hold more light. So that you feel lighter, on the road to feeling more healing, protected, centered & grounded. You take home the tools to begin to work with healing yourself, and stepping out of dramas & stories. Discussion of the 2 videos you will watch prior to the taking the class. . Take notes & learn by doing.
Open your energy field to healing, draw in the reiki energy, grounding the energy, energy field protection, releasing dense & tangled energies.



My classes are verbal, you learn by doing & taking notes

as was traditional when Reiki first began

I do give a handout with an outline of what was learned in class.

The final level is MASTER TEACH LEVEL.

Any information presented here is for informational purposes only and not intended to take the place of diagnosis and treatment by a medical practitioner.

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