Unfolding the Light begins with grounding the light within. Healing your energy a field. Opening your hands to streaming the living light. Grounding the light begins your journey of inner healing. It rewires your energy field to work more effeciently for you. Brings energetic stability as well as opening you to higher frequencies. You begin by healing the self.

My classes are a mixture of traditional Usui reiki, 4 other lineages of reiki, and a bigger energy called Living Light.

level 1 is a 3 hour workshop

you need level 1 reiki to join in the reiki apprenticeship

Reiki level 1 is a 3 hour workshop, attunement to reiki, session, and learning about reiki, symbols, and beginning to open your hands to the living light energy

level 1 reiki is often taught to just one person at time

Dates for classes are ongoing,

usually from noon-3:00. Times and dates

can be changed as students sign up for that date

upcoming tentative dates:

Sunday April 14

Sunday May 19

Sunday June 2

For current dates, see my facebook page Light Journeys Reki,

or scroll through the version on this website, main page


or email me to book a date, I also teach on Mondays, Fridays, Saturdays



Cost: $220

Manuals & Workbooks: can be purchased separately, $20 each

The apprenticeship weekly classes are only $30 per week and we will continue to do much deeper work with the energies, sessions, symbols, learning to connect to spirit.


Level 1: Grounding the Light

attunes you to channel reiki, and the bigger energies of living light

teaches you about reiki

gives you the ability to begin self healing

rewires your energy body to be grounded & protected

gives you tools to use on your own to heal & ground yourself

I give you a session to begin your healing journey, and often

connect you with your guide & messages from your guide




level 2 = deeper emotional healing

level 3 = healing your past lives, healing at distance

master level after these other levels are complete & you are proficient in reiki skills


Reiki Initiation for Level 1 & Sound bath

The element of earth is grounding, it is where we begin our reiki journey....
The reiki attunement restructures your energy field to channel the
universal flow of energy for self healing or healing others.
Symbols are your tools to further open this
energy & feel grounded & protected. Crystalline sound bowls & a
reiki session hold the space for this energy to flow through you,
to upgrade your energy & connect your to the stream of living

Open to the high vibrations of reiki flow while GROUNDING, will make you feel:

  • More balanced energetically
  • More protected from energy drains from other people

Reiki level 1 is about self healing

Most people are not grounded, are not taught about grounding, and feel unprotected & drained a lot of the time. We focus on rewiring your energy body to be grounded & how this will benefit you & how to do this at home.


With reiki level 1 you learn to work on yourself, you are empowered to begin SELF HEALING

Reiki is a system for channeling energy for the purpose of

  • Healing yourself, healing others, earth healing
  • Self empowerment
  • Personal spiritual growth
  • Increasing intuitive abilities
  • Feeling more balanced, grounded, centered & protected
  • Moving past energy drains

You do not ever have to work on anyone else if you choose that path. Reiki can be used for personal energetic & spiritual growth.

Why are my classes for women only? Women process energy differently & I feel we are more comfortable working in a space of women only.




Manuals & Workbooks For levels 1,2,3

A “manual” goes deeper into what I’ve taught in class. My teaching outline is usually 10 pages. My manuals are 30+ pages, full color, beautifully illustrated. $20 each. There is a manual for levels 1,2, & 3. You can purchase these after you complete a level.

A “workbook” is interactive. Things to journal about, things to do, food for thought, questions. It goes deeper into your own practice of reiki. It helps keep reiki alive for you, and helps you learn on your own. It covers things not covered in class as well. These are all over 30 pages. $20 each.

All manuals & workbooks are full color & send as a pdf. I ask you to not copy, share or use them for teaching.


If you want to move BEYOND the confines of traditional reiki and embrace some new BIG energy, take my reiki apprenticeship, we begin working with Living Light Energy, and also Shambhalla, Munay Ki, Seichim, Chakras & spirit guides.


Traditional reiki would be a subset of the Living Light energy. Living Light encompasses a LARGER energy, that MOVES through you & those you work on. You feel it in a different way and you learn to listen to your hands, it embraces flow, breath & movement. It constantly changes. Our hands are expressing the Language of Light. We are aligning with the unmanifested field. We are letting go of expectation and limitation.






"These manuals & workbooks are amazing!! You went all out !"

"you are very humorous and insightful.
You are an amazing role model :D!

"Level 3 has done wonders into healing my past and dug up so many feelings that were buried away. I felt like i cleared what needed to be cleared, like dusting off a forgotten shelf. I cried, I laughed, i felt anxiety then turned into faith it was intense.


Hours of class:

Level 1 is a 3 hour class. please see HOURS to understand why I just teach for 3 hours for each level

(LEVEL 2 is emotional/mental healing, LEVEL 3 is distance healing: physical distance, past lives as well, and ancestral clearing THESE LEVELS ARE BOOKED BY APPOINTMENT)

For an overview of all the levels of reiki go HERE

Level 1 is about self healing, learning to ground yourself & feel more protected energetically. I have developed some new ways in which to do this.

Level 1 classes are booked by email in an ongoing basis. Classes can be 1-3 students. You will need level 1 before taking the apprenticeships. It is ok if you've taken your level 1 with another teacher, but you will be missing the very foundation of what i teach for level 1, which is : specific grounding & protection methods, symbols for working on reiki at home, and a specific way of giving reiki sessions.

email me to sign up: lin@lightjourneysreiki.com


number of hours for reiki levels

my classes are 3 hours (as opposed to a full day) to give you just enough information on reiki to not overwhelm you. This class will give you a good overview of what reiki is, what it can do & how to use it at home. It will begin the self healing process & empower you to continue this at home. You get a 10 page outline that covers what you need to know about reiki, some "tools" to take home to open your hands to the reiki flow even more, to ground you & begin your personal healing.

A further note on 8 hour classes: there is a lot of "filler". It is simply too long for your first reiki class. The type of reiki I now teach is simpler to teach, you get way more, you move more quickly into self healing & will feel much better much faster. It has taken me many years to develop the reiki courses, to bring my students balance, understanding, self empowerment for their healing. By combining the best of many types of reiki I've developed classes that have updated energy. These are powerful yet gentle classes.

For those who are ready to continue with weekly work, moving through more levels of reiki & learning 3 lineages of reiki in the process, I offer apprenticeships


AN EXCERPT FROM MY closed facebook group for students:

A thought for today on energetic alignment & flow vs. stagnation & energetic toxicity (energy drains, emotional toxicity). I am talking about your energy body here, the energy field surrounding & moving through your body. It is connected upward to the universal energy source, too strongly in many sensitive individuals, who then feel ungrounded, unprotected, Remember we are in constant movement between the two, its the balance of yin/yang, we move between the two. sometimes we are in alignment & flow we feel great, we are in the right place at the right time, energetically we are in alignment. then we move away from that entering the gloomy vortex of stagnation & energetic toxicity. The movement between the two polarities is definitely more towards to the alignment & healthy strong flow of universal energy that's grounded into the earth when we do our regular classes with others. And a final thought: you know how you can been in that vortex of stagnation & toxic energy and ten minutes on the reiki table & you are thinking.... wow, what was my problem, I feel fine! ha ha! That’s not to say your feelings were not valid, they were! Its simply that quick transition from energetic imbalance to having your chakras & energy field rebalanced by reiki. That's why we meet & share several times a month! Check my website lightjourneysreiki.com for an upcoming reiki level 1, email me to book another date lin@lightjourneysreiki.com I find that reiki/energywork combines really well with the herbal course, using the energy work to connect with the plants & to get intuitive messages about the plant’s uses and which ones we need at any given time. The above info was an excerpt from a post on my LIGHT JOURNEYS JOURNAL closed reiki group for students & those wanting to take classes from me.

REIKI is pronounced RAY-key

Rei is a Japanese word meaning “universal”,

  • referring to the energy that flows around everything, such as : people,
  • plants,
  • animals,
  • the earth,
  • the planets, etc.

This energy: forms a grid around the earth, connects us all

Ki is a  Japanese word meaning “vital life force energy” the energy flowing within your own light body

So reiki is a healing system that reconnects you with the ability to draw in energy from the universal energy sources and channel through your body. One way you connect is that the energy flows in through your crown and then out through your hands to be channeled to yourself or others for healing.


REIKI FLOW: when you are given a reiki attunement your crown chakra becomes open to channeling the universal source of energy in through your crown chakra & out of your hands for healing purposes


The attunement to reiki both connects you to the universal source of energy & realigns your personal energy system , to be more in connection with this energy flow.

The energy flows from the universal source through you & out of your hands.

Reiki can be used to send healing to

  • another person,
  • yourself,
  • your pets
  • earth healing
  • and more


Reiki level 1 activates the reiki flow within your physical body & your energy field. Each level of reiki, and each attunement will open this flow to a higher degree & raise your vibrational level. It will activate your lightbody, balance & clear your chakras, and activate your 3rd eye (your intuition)

Work on letting go of what no longer serves you

And in doing so you let in more of the reiki energy

My classes bring healing in a gentle way. Traditional reiki can be harsh with "clearing" (release of old traumas, dramas & behaviors) which in my opinion is an older way of doing things that has passed its usefullness. I blend several lineages of reiki to bring about a gentle rewiring of the energy body, allowing this processes to happen in a gentle way to nudge you into alignment with your authentic self while old traumas, dramas & behaviors fall away & become no longer useful to you. Opening space in the energy body allows for the increase of feelings of well being, intuition, guidance & a newly healed self. This process takes time, level 1 begins the process.


Why are there several levels of reiki?

Each level works deeper on your clearing of dense & tangled energies (personal issues & trauma) stuck in your energy field & opens you to higher vibrations, allowing you to channel the energy on a much deeper level & bring deeper healing to others.

With reiki level 1 you can work on yourself.

After this level you can start my Living Light 15 week course and each week learn to work more deeply with the energies, learn to work on others, emotional healing, distance healing. With weekly work you will find you heal much more quickly & on a much deeper level than with just taking a one day reiki workshop.

What is learned in Reiki Level 1 class?
Discussion about what reiki is, how it works, what it can do
Any questions can be answered during this class
Learning about symbols and their frequencies
You are given ways to work on yourself, to open your hands further
Information on grounding & balance
Information on feeling more protected emotionally & energetically
Information on how to not feel drained around others

What do we do in class?
After giving you a background in the understanding of the above concepts I sage the room, call in the directions, give a short guided meditation, then give you a reiki session which opens you up to the reiki energies by rewiring your energy field. Then I teach you how to continue this work at home.
Classes can be for 1-3 students.

Learning reiki is all about personal growth,
releasing what no longer serves you,
healing yourself & others on a physical, emotional & spiritual level.


https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=WHithNSYWI4

https://www.youtube.com/ watch?v=nMa-ri-2XWg


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