Levels 1,2,3 & master levels form the core structure of your reiki knowledge & skills. Attending classes such as the apprenticeship on a regular basis & receiving all the sessions causes some deep healing on your physical, emotional, mental & spiritual energy bodies.

For those who have attended a reiki class in person, skype classes can provide some very deep work.

Digital journeys align you with new energy upgrades, and help you reconnect with the stream of living light & earth's abundant energies.

You would be be missing the sessions, but for energetically sensitive people, regular skype (or messenger) video calls can still provide :

deep healing

intuitive growth

the ability to channel more energy

opening the energy channels wider

These are easy because you do not have to drive to classes, they are shorter in length, and we can schedule them at a time when its easy for both of us.

A couple comments from my current digital students:

"wow, just wow!"

"I'm melting"

"beautiful angelic energy"



Here's what I have to offer by distance!


I have 3 types of video call class offering at this time:


1. Rites of the Munay Ki, plus chakra work!

9 classes, $300 prepayment

We will do each rite, you get information & written work for each rite, plus chakra work, you will receive attunement to reach rite plus a sacred geometry attunement, time to share insights & ask questions. This is one section of the apprenticeship, that will work be video call.

Class 1: healer’s rite: opening & healing 3 main energy centers, bands of power: energetic protection + ROOT CHAKRA
Class 2: harmony rite: healing the chakras + SACRAL CHAKRA

At this point you need your Level 2 reiki to open your energy channels enough to work with the energies that begin to come in with Class 3. Then take Level 3 reiki when you feel ready.

Class 3: seer’s rite, opening intuition + SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA
Class 4: daykeeper’s rite: feminine energy + HEART CHAKRA!
Class 5: wisdomkeeper’s rite: masculine energy + THROAT CHAKRA
Class 6: earthkeeper’s rite: archangel connection + THIRD EYE CHAKRA
Class 7: starkeeper’s rite: update your dna + CROWN CHAKRA
Class 8: creator’s rite: connect directly to spirit

Class 9: reiki pracitce, meditation to reconnect with all the rites


2. LIVING LIGHT APPRENTICESHIP: Seichim & Shambhala Reiki

SEICHIM IS INCREDIBLE, it just never gets old. You are constantly accessing the living stream of light that is passing by earth. This is constantly changing. Usui reiki, and some other types are a FIXED set of energies that don't evolve. This DOES! I rebalances all the layers of your energy field and all your chakras and you access new energies each time. If it hasn't gotten old for me in 10 years, that is really saying a lot !

Streaming the living light of seichim & moving into channeling more high vibrational energies to

  • Increase creativity
  • Increase intuitive abilities to your comfort level
  • Channel more & deeper energies
  • moving more into drawing energy in on your own

12 classes, $400 prepaid

What you can expect from this course:

  • Learning many more symbols that channel different frequencies for different types of healing
  • Working with the chakras one by one to empower, balance & heal them
  • Focus is on positive healing, moving forward, balance, NOT going over issues & trauma & “clearing”. We rebalance the chakras, rebalance all layers of the energy field, ground & protect the entire light body to realign you with your original authentic self

Structure of classes:

  • Discussion of new materials such as symbols, 22 new symbols
  • meditation & attunement
  • Learning the seichim session format

What do the sessions do?

  • These types of sessions rebalance your entire light body
  • They are different than just a hands on reiki session
  • We reknit the layers of the energy field
  • Rebalance all the chakras
  • Give hands on reiki
  • Use sound bowls & crystals to enhance healing

You’ll find you feel balanced, calm, centered, and healed after each class. Any adjustments that the symbols & sessions provide just lend themselves to a gently nudge in a direction more in line with your authentic self. Old habits & traumas drop away as they are ready to & new habits & balance replace them.





2 TIMES A WEEK FOR A MONTH, experience the extreme spiritual growth possible through repeated attunements. Great for those who have done lots of reiki, or my reiki masters or practitioners who don't require new learning & guidance, those who want some personal reiki energy done in a focused way to help them increase healing energy, hold space in a higher vibration, and move forward on their own.

These are short & to the point. No conversation, we center,I attune, we channel some distance healing for a minute. The call is about 10 minutes long, by messenger call or video call.

4 weeks x 2 attunements = 8 attunements, prepayment by etransfer $200, prepayment by paypal $210



I require that any distance learning learning students have taken at least one level of reiki with me in person. Email me if you've taken reiki from another teacher (in person) and want to take a distance class.

Prepayment by paypal, or etransfer

Respecting this as a spiritual discipline: you need to honor my time & the discipline you are studying by showing up for your video class as scheduled. If you let me know 24 hours ahead of time we can reschedule, otherwise you are still charged for that class. Missing 2 classes without letting me know: I will refund the balance of the $, and our work is done.





Any information presented here is for informational purposes only and not intended to take the place of diagnosis and treatment by a medical practitioner.

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