If you are interested in eating a good portion of your diet raw, get yourself a juicer and/or a vitamix, a food dehydrator, and maybe a spiralizer.


Why juice? Because you can juice a mountain of fruits & vegetables & get all the nutrients out of them in a couple glasses of the juice. There’s no way you would eat all of those fruits & veggies & have room for anything eating else all the day. Your body can assimilate all the nutrients easily in juice form.
There’s a wide range of juicer prices. If you want to start off with something really affordable, just get a $30 one,  Superstore or London Drugs have them. They do a good enough job that you will realize how good the juice tastes. They do waste a lot though, the pulp is not that dry, so they don’t extract all of the juice.

I just bought an Omega & I am VERY happy with it. It extracts so much of the juice, I can tell that the juices I am drinking now are really filling. The Omega was around $350. It is easy to clean & will also juice wheat grass which the Champion will not.

This is where I bought my juicer from:






The Vitamix is an amazingly powerful blender that will blend your smoothies into creamy goodness. It also breaks down the cell walls on the plant materials you put in it, so you can digest your smoothies properly. I use mine constantly. I mostly use it to make smoothies, and sometime vegan ice cream.

One of my followers on facebook posted this information on my page about Vitamix models, I thought this might be helpful to others:

"The three well known Vita Mix models are the Vita Mix 5000 series, the Vita Mix 4500 blender and the Vita Prep.


The Vita Mix 5000 costs you about $450 along with the tax and shipping while the Vita Mix Super comes for $525.00.

The additional $80 spent on Vita mix Super 5000 is for a dry container which can be used for kneading, grinding while the other models come with a wet container. Practically speaking, the wet container can function as well as the dry container, so you can save the $80 and order a Vita Mix 5000 Blender.

The Vita Mix 5000 Blender comes with a 7 year warranty and has a choice of red, white or black color while Vita Prep 1002 has 3 years warranty and is only available in black color.

The Vita Prep comes with a speed knob with variable controls while there is only a two speed switch available with Vita-Mix 4500. Though all the models are equally good, the kind of model you choose depends on your budget and need. If you are looking for a blender on a budget then Vita mix 4500 is the right choice."






Food Dehydrators

Food dehydrators are used to dry or warm foods without killing any enzymes like baking would do. I just have a really basic one, no blower or anything, so it does take a while, but everything turns out fine. I line my trays with parchment paper when I need liners (cut a whole out of the center & poke holes in it)

I use mine to make soft wraps, raw crackers, raw cookies, mushroom burgers, and dog biscuits.






I searched everywhere for one of these. Finally got one online.

I got a Spirooli, which works really well. It shreds vegetables into long spirally noodle shapes, but also has 2 other blades for other shapes. According to customer reviews online I think some brands of spiralizers don't work too well.

You can spiralize zucchini for making great pasta. And I've done carrots & beets for salads. Spiralized carrots are great to pile on a dish when you make rice wraps, then they don't stick to the plate.


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